I am Tobias Skog, a user experience designer living in Brooklyn, New York with my wife and daughter. On these pages you find my résumé and my portfolio. For more frequently updated info about what I am up to, visit the sites below.

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I use Twitter to keep track of what other people are up to (and occasionally tweet).

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I post, highly infrequently, on this Posterous blog.

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I use this Tumblr blog to document and share our experience relocating to Brooklyn from Sweden. It's in Swedish only.

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Since 2004, I use last.fm to track whatever music I listen to electronically.

A photo of the artist as a not-too-old man.

Get in Touch

The best way of contacting me is to send an e-mail to tobias@cottonlion.com

Where Credit Is Due

The page layout is based on a modified version of Golden Grid

The text is set to a baseline grid, as described in the article Setting Web type to a baseline grid by Craig Grannell.